Finals Week…for Camp!

As many of you know, college students all over the country are taking final exams and preparing for a summer of work, loafing, travel, job hunting, or ministry.  (Over 50 college students will be coming here this summer to serve the hundreds of campers that will come.)

Well, what you may not know is that camp has final exams, too.  Each year, at about this time, we get put through the paces to test and see if we are ready for summer camp.  The exams have begun.  This morning we met and discussed the many things that still need to get done and what seems like the lack of manpower to get it all done.   If we don’t pass the exams, camp doesn’t happen.  Now, historically, we have always passed and never failed.  God always seems to intervene, despite us, and pull us through.  We have no doubt that God will once again come to the rescue and help us pass the final test of preparedness for summer camp.

With all that being said, would you please pray for High Point Camp.  Specifically, here are a few things to be praying about.

1. The Wilderness Cabin renovation.  There is still lots to do to be ready for summer camp.  Pray that it will all get done and that the cabin will be useable this summer.

2.  Pray that the program, activities, games, etc, will all be ready on time.

3.  Pray for the Bakersburg Community Church from Altoona, PA as they bring a group of volunteers to build a new deck on the guest room building.  They will be here in mid-May.

4. Pray for the 2 guy counselors that we still need to find.

5.  Pray that God would send us as many campers as possible so that we can minister to them all.  “An empty bed never receives Christ or makes a decision for Him.”

Thanks for reading through this and praying with us.  God is good all the time and we look forward to seeing what He will do through your prayers and by His powerful hand.


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The Wilderness Magnolia Issue

The Wilderness Magnolia??? What is that?  Well, actually it is a combination of two unrelated items that are going on at camp.  I will reference both quickly and you can view the pictures that apply.

1.  The Magnolia tree that stands between the Dining Hall and the Duck Pond is in full bloom today.  It is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, the flowers only stay on the tree for about 2 weeks.  But, those two weeks are spectacular.

2.  Another thing that can be quantified as “Spectaculor” is the renovation of the cabin Wilderness.  Ken and James ( construction / maintenance crew) have been hard at work and the improvement is noticeable.  If you have ever stayed in Wilderness, you will know that this renovation is much needed.  Praise the Lord for how it is coming.  It should be ready to go for camp this summer!  The picture will give you a little glimpse into some of the changes.

Well, that’s it for now.  Have a great day!


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The Duck Pond

For years, the Duck Pond has been a focal point at High Point Camp.  The freezing cold spring water that pours into it day and night makes for a refreshing break in the middle of the hot summer.  As best as we can tell, the Duck Pond was created probably around the same time that the stone farm house in the middle of camp was built.  The local history tells us that the farmhouse was built pre-Revolutionary War.  So…sometime in the 1700’s.  It got its name from the ducks that made this little pond their home.  For years, no ducks lived on the pond, and it has only been in the last year that 3 ducks have once again called the Duck Pond home.  The ducks are the pets of Celeste and Finn Cone.  Being camp ducks, named by two kids under the age of six, they have interesting names.  Racecar, Ping, and Waddles Olivia!  So, it is now officially a “duck” pond once again.

The Duck Pond has also been the home of the goldfish that are used for the “Fish and Eels” game we play for summer camp.  At one point, over 50 goldfish swam about enjoying the confines and relative safety of the Duck Pond.  However, this winter, when the camp lake, and almost every other body of water in the Northeast was frozen, our local Blue Heron (giant crane-like bird) came and made quick work of the vulnerable fish.  Poor fish!  We’ll restock it this summer.

The Duck Pond has had some problems over the years and they have culminated this spring with the pipe that runs from the Duck Pond to the camp lake collapsing.  It is going to be repaired next week and should be as good as new for this coming summer. Many counselors will end up in the ice cold water this summer and the legacy of this famous little pond will live on.

The Duck Pond – your one stop source for all your hot summer day refreshing needs!

Refreshing, Cold, and Crystal Clear

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15 Random and Eclectic Snipets of Information about High Point Camp from the Past, Present, and Future

15 Random and Eclectic Snipets of Information about High Point Camp from the Past, Present, and Future.

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15 Random and Eclectic Snipets of Information about High Point Camp from the Past, Present, and Future

The Past @ High Point Camp

1. The Wilderness Renovation is moving right along.  So much has been done.  Pictures will be posted soon.

2.  The Coffee Shop plans and designs have been approved and we have already purchased tables, chairs, an espresso machine, blenders, and other necessary equipment.

3. Addison Lamborn turned one year old on March 22.

4. 9 Square In The Air was built for summer camp.  (Google it…it’s gonna be fun.)

5.  The summer camp theme, program, games, and activities are set in stone.

The Present @ High Point Camp

1.  Steve’s phone is ringing.

2.  I am in the office alone.  Where is everybody?

3.  Ranger is sleeping on his chair.

4.  It is POURING outside.

5.  Oh, Gil just walked in.  Hi Gil!

The Future @ High Point Camp

1. It will get warmer and dryer.

2.  The Wilderness Renovation will be done for summer camp.  It’s gonna take camping to a whole new level.

3.  530 teen boys will be converging on High Point Camp for one massive camp-out in May.

4. Over 50 college students will be coming to High Point in late May and early June for summer counselor training.

5.  Ranger will be off his chair and sitting at the bottom of the zip line tower barking at kids as they jump off or perched in the bow of the speed boat catching some sun.

Well…there you have it.  The Past, Present, and Future of High Point Camp in 5 easy statements each.  Registrations for summer camp are pouring in, so make sure you get your in soon.  Hope to see you this summer.


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2011 Hunter’s Banquet

On March 11, 2011, High Point Camp will be hosting its 21st annual Hunter’s Banquet.  Charlie Alsheimer, who has been here several times before, will be with us again as our keynote speaker.  Charlie is one of the most well recognized names in the whitetail deer hunting and management world.  If you have any interest in attending the event, please visit us on our website – or call the camp office at 610-286-5942 ext. 153.

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Winter Retreat Wipeouts

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