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Winter Retreat Wipeouts

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Winter Retreat Week 2 Recap

Judging by the looks on the kids’ faces, this past weekend proved to be another successful Winter Retreat here at High Point Camp. Ed Dunlop and his friend Andy both entertained the Junior Campers and challenged them with a message from God’s Word during each of the three sessions Friday evening, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon. The campers took advantage of the fresh snow we received on Friday morning anytime they weren’t in a session, in a group game, or eating pizza. We had a rippin’ fire out by the tube hill for them to warm there little mitts up, but most of them were having too much fun to even realize they couldn’t feel their hands anymore. We’re praising God for another safe weekend, and thanking him for continuing to provide great snow! After all, what’ s a “Winter Retreat” with no snow?! Please continue to pray for the two remaining Winter Retreats in February.

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Friday’s Featured Photo


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Today’s Featured Photo

Today’s Featured Photo

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2011 Winter Retreat Teen Week 1

2011 Winter Retreat Teen Week 1

This past weekend we had about 90 kids show up for our first Winter Retreat of the year. The snow we got last week made for some great sledding/tubing out on the hill between the lower softball field and soccer field, and the cold temperature made it a perfect night to build a bonfire to thaw everyone out. Tom even got his four-wheeler out and towed a few adrenaline junkies around on a tube. They couldn’t talk when they got back, but I’m guessing by the smile frozen on their faces that they had a pretty good time.

We flew in Jason Malone from Summit Church in Greenville, SC for the weekend to challenge the teens from God’s Word during the three sessions on Friday evening, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon. He admonished all of us to “live on mission” with God, and clearly explained what that meant and how to do it – simply by sharing your unique “grace story” with everyone around you. After each of the sessions the teens met with their group leaders for a time of discussion and reflection.

During the day on Saturday the kids had the opportunity to sign up for several tournaments, including Wii, indoor paintball, volleyball, basketball, and carpetball. The competition was fierce, but the victors went home with bragging rights…until 2012.

All in all, we were blessed with a very challenging and enjoyable weekend. Please join us in praying the next 3 retreats will be the same, praying specifically for the Juniors coming this weekend to hear Ed Dunlop teach from God’s Word.

Be sure to check out Flickr for more pictures from this past weekend.

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HPC Winter Wonderland

HPC Winter Wonderland

This week has been busy trying to get everything lined up for our first Winter Retreat of 2011 this weekend, and to top it off we got about 8 inches of snow, which should make for some great tubing and sledding this weekend. That’s about all I have time for right now, but check back next week for a recap of the weekend and some new pictures.

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The Low Down

It’s been awhile since I’ve written an update about everything going on around here. That’s probably because there hasn’t been much going on since FallFest, but nevertheless, I’ll see if I can make a blog post out of it.

It sounded like everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Tim and Charissa traveled down to SC to be with their family, and I drove to Greenville, then Atlanta, then Nashville, then to Asheville, and finally back to PA, but got to see my girlfriend and some relatives to make it all worth it (I gotta give a shout out to HP Camp benefactor, Ben Allston, for making that happen). I heard there were actually some snow flurries here on Thanksgiving day, but none that stuck around for very long.

This week, Steve, Caroline, and the kids flew down to Clearwater to do some more recruiting for our summer staff. I’m sure they can’t wait to get out of the terrible weather they get down there this time of year.

Tim and Cynthia decided to help the rest of us get in the Christmas spirit by making the office look like the North Pole by adding a few trees, some lights, stockings, and artificial frost on the windows of the office. I’m just happy I actually got my real name on my stocking instead of “intern.” All I want for Christmas is to reclaim my real identity.

I gave my dog, Sierra, an early Christmas present – a $7, Mammoth bone. She won’t touch it.

Ranger and Sierra actually played together today. Tom thinks it could be a turning point in their relationship.

The maintenance guys have been busy working on Wilderness. The outside still looks the same, but they are making some headway on the interior. I’ll try to get a current picture up soon.

The rest of us have just been working on some little random projects we’re trying to wrap up before Christmas.

Well, I think that about covers it. Thanks for reading.


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