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The Lake Is Frozen…

but the geese don’t care.


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Cynthia got attacked…

…by the copier.


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Gil & Tom Are Partners in Crime

Not to be outdone by rookie bow hunter Gil Colon, yesterday morning High Point Camp’s very own Realtree Pro, Tom Lamborn, eliminated one more member of the animal kingdom. Though this 7-point won’t be at the top of his trophy case, Tom was happy to get this buck so he can spend a little more time with Ranger (and Jen and Addison), and a little less time in the woods. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a picture of Tom out in the field, so if you have a weak stomach, don’t scroll down.

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Gil Is A Murderer…

Archery season opened here in PA on Sept. 18th, and since then Tom, Phil, Gil, and myself have made temporary career moves to full-time bow hunters. Well, maybe I should rephrase that – Tom, Phil, and myself have made temporary career moves to full-time bird watchers, Gil appears to be the only hunter, as evidenced by the nice 7-point buck he took Saturday morning, his first deer with a bow. Gil earned bragging rights for the time being, since he’s the first HPC staff member to bring home a trophy this season.










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Check out our 2 New Paintball Fields!!!

Last week we revamped our paintball fields by redesigning our combo barrel/inflatable field by removing the inflatable bunkers and replacing them with more barrels. We took the inflatables that were there, along with some new inflatable bunkers that we recently purchased, and created a brand new speedball field with all inflatable bunkers. The rental group that was in this weekend was the first to play the new fields and the feedback was very positive – they loved the new speedball field. Hopefully we’ll get around to improving the woodsball course before next summer as well. We’re always looking to make improvements here at HPC, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below, assuming your suggestions are realistic. (Don’t Gil and Tom look cute on that gator together???)


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Burn Day!!!

Originally uploaded by High Point Camp

All the dreary weather we’ve had the past few days made today perfect for sending our giant pile of scrap wood up in flames. Check out more pics of the HPC inferno over at our flickr page by clicking on the picture.

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