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Crunchy Leaves. Steamy Breath.

We have had a busy and fruitful fall season here at HPC, and we are excited about the lives we have been able to intersect with by God’s grace. The first five weeks after summer camp were back-to-back rental groups that kept us on our toes, but we are thankful to report that many heard the gospel and many came to Christ. It was also a unique opportunity to see other cultures worship our God.

Along with caring for rental groups, we have begun the recruitment process for next summer’s staff, starting at Bob Jones University. Last week, Shannon and Gil had the opportunity of interacting with many students who showed interest in spending their summers serving in camp ministry here at High Point. Standing at our HPC booth, meeting individually with prospective staff, and reuniting with former staff filled their two days in Greenville. We are grateful to God for the opportunity as well as for safe travels.

Upcoming recruiting trips include a visit to Northland International University as well as Clearwater Christian College and others. As we approach the recruiting time knowing that God is already preparing hearts to serve him this next summer, we are reminded to be constant in prayer that God would direct us to the right individuals and that He would give the wisdom needed during the hiring process.

We are in the final stages of preparation for our two big fall events: FallFest and FamilyFest. FallFest, as was laid out in our last post, is a day of exciting activities for 7th-12th grade teens taking place on Friday the 16th of November from 5-10 p.m. For more information, visit our website. FamilyFest is the following day from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m. and will include festive fall activities for all ages. More information is located here.

We ask for your prayers as we prepare for fall festivities, winter retreats, and as we continue to raise support for our Pavilion Project. The encouragement and support of prayer is invaluable to us and we thank you!

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What’s Happening Fall 2012?

Summer Recap

Summer has flown by, and our busy fall schedule is in full swing. As we reflect on what God has done over the past three months, we are overcome with thankfulness to Him for the challenges, victories, and various opportunities He led us through as a camp. We ministered to a total of 1,431 campers over the course of nine weeks, 629 of which were completely new to HPC. Over 60 campers trusted Christ as their personal Savior, and many others also made life changing decisions. What a privilege and blessing to be a part of advancing the Kingdom of Christ in this capacity. We cannot begin to thank all who had a tremendous role in supporting High Point Camp through prayer, finances, and volunteering of time, and we want you to know that we could not be successful without you.

Transition Into Fall

It is commonly thought that when summer camp ends, relaxation begins here at HPC. However, since the end of camp we have been on the go non-stop with rental groups here running their own retreats. While we are not responsible for the program of these events, we are busy taking care of food service, lifeguarding water activities, cleaning and maintaining the property, and running the coffee and snack shops. With our summer staff gone, we find ourselves spread thin and occasionally short-handed. If you are available and interested in volunteering your time, either during the week or on weekends, please email with the days and times you are available and we will let you know if and when we can use your help.

Fall Schedule

We are anticipating great things with our upcoming events this fall. Here is what to be looking out for in the very near future:

  • Men’s Retreat – September 7-8  – Men Ages 16+

For a weekend of dynamic preaching focused on godly manhood, join us for our annual Men’s Retreat. The event begins Friday evening, the 7th, at 5:00 through Saturday afternoon with guest speaker Bruce McDonald. Enjoy the fellowship of other men and experience a weekend of exciting camp activities such as a skeet shoot, home run derby, “closest to the pin” golf competition, zipline, and more. For more information visit the Men’s Retreat webpage. You can also register online for the event here, just select Register Online under the Men’s Retreat heading.

  •  FallFest – November 16 – Grades 7-12

FallFest is back for the fourth year in a row, and we are excited about another opportunity to celebrate the season by reaching out to teens for one night of campfires, s’mores, hot dogs, pizza, cotton candy, hot air balloon rides, sumo wrestling, dunk tanks, coffee, cider, and all things fall. The evening lasts from 5:00 until 10:00 and will feature a presentation of God’s Word by Josh Park. It’s sure to be a good time. Registration for FallFest begins September 24, but note that only one registration is needed for a group.

  • FamilyFest – November 17 – All Ages 

Take a break from the busyness of  school and enjoy a family day at camp in the chilly fall weather with all sorts of activities for the family. We’ll have everything from hayrides, bounce houses, and zipline rides to hot chocolate, roasted marshmallows, hot dogs, and cotton candy. We would love to see you and your family for an enjoyable day at High Point Camp. All activities are free, so come and expect great things at FamilyFest, November 17 from 11:00-2:00.

We look forward to how God will bless and encourage His people  through High Point Camp in the upcoming weeks.

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10 Legitimate Reasons Why You Should NOT Come to FallFest:

  1. Your life is just so filled with fun and excitement that you could not possibly handle any more.
  2. You’re an anthropophobiac.
  3. You would rather sit at home and drink prune juice while watching “Leave it to Beaver” reruns.
  4. You’re in jail.
  5. Your Great Uncle Chuck is coming to town and he always gives you $100 when he does.
  6. You’re allergic to fun.
  7. You’re hosting a knitting party.
  8. You’re infected by a highly contagious illness caused by the varicella zoster virus. (Chickenpox)
  9. You’re afraid of Gil.
  10. You’re grounded.
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Check out our 2 New Paintball Fields!!!

Last week we revamped our paintball fields by redesigning our combo barrel/inflatable field by removing the inflatable bunkers and replacing them with more barrels. We took the inflatables that were there, along with some new inflatable bunkers that we recently purchased, and created a brand new speedball field with all inflatable bunkers. The rental group that was in this weekend was the first to play the new fields and the feedback was very positive – they loved the new speedball field. Hopefully we’ll get around to improving the woodsball course before next summer as well. We’re always looking to make improvements here at HPC, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below, assuming your suggestions are realistic. (Don’t Gil and Tom look cute on that gator together???)


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One of the fun things that we get to do as part of our summer camp preparations is traveling to various colleges and universities to recruit counselors, operations staff, and other people to fill various spots in our summer staff.  It’s a great opportunity to meet people that are interested in camp work and could possibly serve with you the following summer.

Presently, I am at Northland International University.  Located in the frozen, barren, desolate, undeveloped land of northern Wisconsin – NIU is a tiny oasis.  OK – oasis may be an overstatement.  I had the privilege to come up a few days early and teach a block class in the camping department of the university.  Adventure Camping 325.  I had a great time with the students and I hope and pray that it was helpful for them as some of them head off into youth  and camping ministries.  On Friday night there was a required campout for the class.  We had fun sitting around the fire, roasting hot dogs, and discussing camp ministry.  As we headed to the tents for some shut-eye, the thermometer began to drop, finally coming to rest around the 31 F mark.  Needless to say, it was a cold night.  It was also cool to hear coyotes barking and howling all around us all through the night.  I think I heard them 3 different times.  (No one was eaten…)

(For those of you at camp this past summer – Khrystyne Khaliqi, Daniel Caughill, Nic Jaspers, and Vlad Vallejo all took the class.)

Tomorrow morning begins the official recruiting period at NIU.  I have already spoken to several people here and I think several will swing by the booth for an application.   Tim Bjorgen made a new video for recruiting this fall, and I think it will be a great tool to show future summer staffers what camp at HPC is all about.

Steve and Justin are heading to BJU in just a few days and they will be doing the same thing there…minus the teaching.  And, as the fall and winter roll on, other colleges, universities, and places of higher education will receive visits from the fearless recruiters of High Point Camp.  (Will you be one of the recruited?)

Wow – I need to track down some food…getting hungry, and then, I am still trying to find a way to call home.  (Apparently, Nextel has decided that it will stop cell coverage from about 2 hours south of here. I guess they feel the 3 people per square mile is just not enough customer base to mess with…crazy, huh?)

So – I am looking forward to seeing Jenn and Addison, but until then, I will do my best to get the cream of the crop from NIU to become the 2011 summer staff at HPC.

Adios – Tom

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