The Outcome Of Your Life

18 Dec

I recently set a reminder in my phone that brings up a quote that I read that made an impact on my life.  And choices-signwhile I always knew the truth of the quote, it has been a good reminder for me to see every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning at 8:05am.  The quote is this:  “The outcome of your life is not the result of what you want, but rather the result of the choices you make.”  I thought that was pretty profound.  Not in a “I’ve never heard that before” sense, but rather in a “that impacts my daily life” sense.

You are probably wondering where I read that quote.  Was a leadership guru,  a pastor from a mega church, or possibly an older mentor in my life?  No, it was Donald Trump.  Now, I don’t agree with everything that ‘The Donald’ says, but I do agree with the statement here.

In our pursuit of life, and a godly one, at that, our choices determine the course.  One of my professors in college used to say, “Life has choices.  Choices have consequences.  Make right choices.”  Well said!  I would add one thought, though…the word ‘consequence‘ could also be replaced with ‘rewards.’  Because, we all know that bad choices have bad consequences, but good choices come with rewards.  When we choose to honor God,  He honors us.  When we choose to honor our parents,  they and He will honor us.    When we choose live the way God has called us to live, life may not be easy, but we will be rewarded.  And the opposite could be said, as well.

The choices we make in life have potential to not only affect us, but those around us as well.  The choices we make have potential to impact the future, long after we are here on earth.  The choices we make are critical to the direction we travel through this life.  Wanting to go a certain direction is not enough.  Choose wisely the path you will travel.   Set goals and pursue them.  Choose to honor God with the course of your life.

So, I challenge you to do what I did.  Set this reminder in your Apple or Android.  Read this quote often and live by it’s premise.  Once again – “The outcome of your life is not the result of what you want, but rather the result of the choices you make.”

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