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Pavilion Project – A Major Change!

Pavilion Project – A Major Change!

The Need

Each year, thousands of campers, young and old, attend High Point Camp. Over the last five years we’ve seen our annual camp and retreat attendance grow from 5,600 to 6,500 in 2011. Although Current Pavilionthis growth may not seem drastic, it has stressed needs that we’ve known all along yet had not been able to address. In 2009 and 2010, we began to take steps towards meeting those needs in renovating two dormitories. We are now faced with the next step, the need for an indoor chapel.

During the summer, our services are held in our centrally located outdoor pavilion. We can seat over 300 campers in the pavilion and it has served us well, but when the weather turns cold, we run into problems. For years, the gym game room has doubled as our winter chapel. However, this room can only seat 120 people, and we have to turn away campers and churches when we exceed that limit. We have tried to be creative, having groups meet in the Dining Hall and even transporting our winter retreat campers to the auditorium at High Point Baptist Chapel because we just don’t have enough room. These steps, however, have created new challenges only further highlighting our need.

Simply put, we need a designated chapel building – a facility that will enable us to communicate God’s Word to the campers that already attend High Point Camp and to the many more that will come when there is adequate space.

The Plan: Proposed Renovations

After much thought, prayer, and planning, we have decided that the renovation of our outdoor pavilion into a year-round indoor chapel is the most ideal and most cost-effective solution to our need. We will miss the feel of an outdoor pavilion; however, we are aware that enclosing the pavilion will also remove unwanted distractions (heat, rain, wind, noise, etc.) from our service times, while providing indoor seating for 300 campers. In addition to enclosing and insulating the pavilion, we will install bathrooms, new seating, heating and air conditioning, carpeting, a sound booth, and a lobby at the entrance.

In order for us to complete this project we are seeking to raise $150,000. Our goal is to start this project by fall 2011 so that it could be enclosed before winter in order to work indoors during the cold months. We hope to have this project completed by January 2013 for our winter retreats.

How Can I Help?

Never before in the history of High Point Camp have we gone outside of the High Point Ministries for help in funding a project. However, in celebration of 50 years of Christian camping and thousands of lives impacted for Christ, we want to give you a chance to join with us in completing this project. The $150,000 needed for this project is no small amount, but the return on the investment will be immeasurable and eternal. We ask that you would prayerfully consider giving to this project. If you decide that this is something you would like to be involved in, there are two ways to give. You can mail a gift directly to High Point Camp or you can donate by going to this link and clicking the “Donate” button at the top or bottom of the page; all donations are tax deductible.

There is another way that you can help – by giving your time. This project will take thousands of man hours and we could use several church groups to volunteer to come and work for a day, a weekend, or a week on this project. If you would like to organize a group from your church, please call the camp office at 610.286.5942 – ext. 153.

Whether you give, work, or pray, we thank you for your investment with us. We are confident that God will provide funds, safety, and grace for this project to further His Glory!

Thank you for considering what God might have you do!

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Camp is all about stealing.  Now, it is not the type stealing that you think, but it is stealing, none the less.  I realized this as I was traveling about southern Africa over the last 10 days.  I began to realize that I spend my time when out and about looking at the ways things are run, the ways things are built, the designs of buildings, and other ideas somebody else has come up with.  For instance – while in Cape Town, South Africa last week, some friends were showing my wife and I the new stadium built to host the 2010 World Cup.  It is an impressive stadium and apparently handled the throngs of crowds well.  Beside the stadium, along the frigid Atlantic ocean, is a large park for people to picnic, play, and relax in.  Two large playgrounds or jungle gyms caught my eye as they were constructed completely from trees and other natural materials.  My immediate thoughts were, “How could we do something like this at High Point?”, and, “What else could you do with this concept of all natural materials?”  So, basically, I was stealing someones architectural ingenuity and trying to find a way to use it at camp.

We do this constantly. A few years ago, we introduced a new way to do registration using “Fast Passes.”  That idea was stolen directly from Disney World.  A game we did for the teens two summers ago was stolen from the television show Minute to Win It.  A recent concept for an indoor climbing wall was stolen from a local indoor climbing gym.  A pastor who comes as a camp speaker is stolen for a week from his church.   It is all thievery.

This type of theft is tolerated and even condoned and encouraged in the camping world.  Many a great idea has stemmed from the ideas of others.  Many a building has been built from another structures plans.  Take something good and make it better.  Make it more campish.  We attend camp conferences where people sit around and throw out ideas specifically for other camp people to steal and develop on their own.  And in the end, for all the stealing, the camp is a better place.

Now, we are not condoning criminal stealing.  It is one thing to steal an idea (patents and copyrights aside) and change it to meet your needs, and it is something quite different to steal  $1,000,000 and have it meet your needs…and wants!  But, be assured, if there is a great idea out there and we can take it and change it into something that can be used for camp…we’re gonna get our hands on it.  So… builders,  comedians, chefs, businessmen, athletes, architects, singers, janitors, zookeepers, and bankers beware…we want what you got!

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