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Finals Week…for Camp!

As many of you know, college students all over the country are taking final exams and preparing for a summer of work, loafing, travel, job hunting, or ministry.  (Over 50 college students will be coming here this summer to serve the hundreds of campers that will come.)

Well, what you may not know is that camp has final exams, too.  Each year, at about this time, we get put through the paces to test and see if we are ready for summer camp.  The exams have begun.  This morning we met and discussed the many things that still need to get done and what seems like the lack of manpower to get it all done.   If we don’t pass the exams, camp doesn’t happen.  Now, historically, we have always passed and never failed.  God always seems to intervene, despite us, and pull us through.  We have no doubt that God will once again come to the rescue and help us pass the final test of preparedness for summer camp.

With all that being said, would you please pray for High Point Camp.  Specifically, here are a few things to be praying about.

1. The Wilderness Cabin renovation.  There is still lots to do to be ready for summer camp.  Pray that it will all get done and that the cabin will be useable this summer.

2.  Pray that the program, activities, games, etc, will all be ready on time.

3.  Pray for the Bakersburg Community Church from Altoona, PA as they bring a group of volunteers to build a new deck on the guest room building.  They will be here in mid-May.

4. Pray for the 2 guy counselors that we still need to find.

5.  Pray that God would send us as many campers as possible so that we can minister to them all.  “An empty bed never receives Christ or makes a decision for Him.”

Thanks for reading through this and praying with us.  God is good all the time and we look forward to seeing what He will do through your prayers and by His powerful hand.


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