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Burn Day!!!

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All the dreary weather we’ve had the past few days made today perfect for sending our giant pile of scrap wood up in flames. Check out more pics of the HPC inferno over at our flickr page by clicking on the picture.

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Separated @ Birth…Tom Lamborn & Curious George

And you thought Cory Jones and Justin Bieber were twins…

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Empty Pool

Grab your skateboard!

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Testing My Blogging Capabilities…

This is my first blog entry ever in my life.  Justin just set me up to Blog away.

Ok – that’s it.  My longest (and shortest) blog ever.  Be sure, though, I’ll be back!


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Rain and Colors (or lack thereof)

It’s pouring at camp today, and from what I hear it’s supposed to do this all week. It’s actually a nice change. Definitely makes being inside behind a computer more justifiable. Maybe Fall is finally here. Leaves are definitely dropping, but I’m not seeing the colors I was hoping for. Maybe the colors are coming, or maybe I just can’t see them because I’m colorblind, who knows. While I’m on the topic, let me tell you about the epiphany I had this summer while I was in Israel talking with a friend on the trip, who is also colorblind. He started mentioning things he couldn’t see, and I realized those were the same things I could never see, but never put the two together. For example, I can never tell if I’m sunburned until it hurts, I can’t tell if meat is pink or red, and when people wear those stupid shirts with the colorblind test charts I always ask what their shirt means and they just laugh at me. Now I know why.

Anyway, apparently quite a few of you agreed with my post yesterday, so I’ll see if I can come up with some more. That last one was just so obvious that it made it easy. Guess I could always do myself, that seems to be an obvious one too.

Everyone at camp is busy working on recruiting stuff. Tim’s been helping me learn Photoshop and put together a pretty sweet Adventure Camp postcard. If you have any good ideas about promoting A. Camp, or even just the camp in general, send them my way. If I don’t get the A. Camp attendance up next summer I’m gonna get fired. Seriously.

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Separated @ Birth…Cory Jones & Justin Bieber

It’s been said before, but late this morning DNA testing confirmed that High Point Camp’s very own Cory Jones, and the Canadian pop-star Justin Bieber, are, in fact, related. Don’t believe me? See for yourself…

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The Lake Is Green…

Like, REALLY green. We’re not really sure why, but it looks like the 11th plague. Apparently someone around here needs to repent – Steve has my vote. Why Steve? Let me tell you. Negligence. That’s why. I was crushed to find out this morning that he hadn’t even taken the time to browse my new blog, my blog about HIS camp no less. Wouldn’t you be crushed if you were trying to change the course of your organization’s future, and your employer didn’t even take the time to notice? And here I thought Tom was the insensitive one.

Or maybe, Cynthia. She sits there behind her BIG desk all day acting like the queen bee of the office. She thinks she’s so important because she gets special packages to “increase her productivity,” whatever that means. Maybe she needs to repent of the transgression of pride.

Or…Gil, for intern abuse-making me scrub all those toilets while he sits up in his big chair eating bon-bons (sugar-free of course) and checking the scores. It’s gotta be Gil.

I guess it could be Tim, but I can’t think of anything to write about Tim, so he gets off the hook.

Looks like Steve and I get to take a dip into the nasty green monster to take out the blob and summit today. I’ll try to get a picture up later today so you can see just how green that thing is. After the rental group leaves this afternoon, we gotta clean everything and get ready for the next one coming in for the weekend. That’s all for now.

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